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Power Solutions – Power is a vital component of IT systems and it will continue to play a more and more important role in the industry. We take power very seriously and has categorized it as a main source of revenue. Although many believe that power solutions are for poor quality power supply, we believe that power solutions are vital to maintain zero down time for IT infrastructure as importance of electronic data become increasingly depended on. A good example would be that the world’s largest UPS market is USA and not India.

Solutions available:

(A brand of Sollatek UK Limited)

Power Protection – Sollatek range of power protectors and voltage stabilizers/power conditioners provide protection for a full range of appliances, from notebooks to large scale-IT systems, Domestic IT and household electronic appliances. This is catering to a mass markets and every business and house needs at least 2-3 Sollatek products to protect today’s sensitive electronic appliances.

Entry Level Protection and Power Backup – Low priced power backup solutions targeting single or several PCs are designed to provide backup for several minutes to shut down PC’s gracefully during a power failure. This will save data loss and some level of protection for software/hardware. A fast moving product range with high turn over and thin margins.

Centralized UPS Systems with advanced protection – Important and essential part of low to high end IT infrastructure. This provides a high level of protection from most power related problems and bridges the gap between utility power failure and alternative power sources. Most business grade solutions vary from several kVA to over 100kVA systems.

Long Power Backup – There is a growing demand for backup solutions with longer backup for several hours compared to few minutes provided by UPS systems. Generators are becoming unpopular due to its characteristics like fuel, noise, maintenance etc. Long backup solutions replace both UPS and Generator to provide single low noise, automatic, operator and maintenance free solution that will also fit in an IT environment.

Green Power Solutions – Long backup solutions connected with solar panels will be the next wave in power solutions. We are geared to cater for this market with a growing range of solutions. This is our main focus area in power solutions from a small to mid range. Margins are attractive and our solutions are already geared to support critical IT infrastructure with highly efficient, green energy solutions.


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic - Arthur C. Clarke

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